ORBIVO Surface-mounted Square Smart Downlight S3 DT60Z07

Six Major Lighting Functions, As You Need

ORVIBO original MixCtrl ™ interactive control technology completely breaks the limitations of the traditional single control of switches, freely combine according to usage habits, and control multiple smart devices at the same time to achieve rich and efficient smart scenes and bring more wonderful smart home experience.

98Ra* Color Render Index, Comparable To Natural Light

The color rendering index is a hard indicator of high-end lighting products. Low CRI lights will overshadow the decoration of the home.S series lamps have a display index of up to 98Ra, which can highlight the texture of the decoration environment like natural light, making high-end decoration materials more colorful.

Intelligent Lamp Body Structure Design Fast Access To The Network, Fast Change Of Light

One Switch To Get The Full House Lighting, An Unprecedented Convenient Experience

Associated with MixPad, smart lighting is no longer a niche entertainment for geeks and young people, but a native home improvement lighting solution that can be used by the elderly and children.Combining the four interactive modes of button, touch, voice and App, it is easier to control than the traditional main light.

MixPad touch screen interaction

MixPad voice interaction

MixPad button interaction

ORVIBO Home APP interaction

Full house IoT connection 100+ super smart scenes are presented

Can be linked to the full range of ORVIBO smart home products