Horion HM-3S Omnidirectional Conference Microphone

Simple but powerful

Unique automatic sound localization technology and user friendly light indication help greatly improve your communication efficiency.

Max distancefor sound collection

8m sound collection from all directions, suitable for most enterprise conferences Max distance for sound collection

Clear voice comes from good speakers

Compatible with most devices on the market

Bluetooth 4.1

Compatible with most devices on the market

Duration: 10 hours

The voice is rich in details. While playing music, the three frequencies are balanced and the bass is enhanced.

Product information

* The following data are collected from the laboratory, and may vary slightly depending on the specific environment. Specific parameters Bluetooth version: 4.1Distance: 1-8 mMaximum output power: 1WBattery: 2600mAh Sound collection range: 360°Duration: 10 hoursSNR rated power: >70dB4 microphone array Dimensions: 0125mm*35mm